Personal loans can be targeted (for the purchase of a specific product, service charge) or non-target (you will be given the money in cash or credit card). Usually, banks and microfinance institutions issue it for a period of 1 month and a maximum of 7 years (on average – up to 5 years).

–°redit term

From the terms of consumer credit dependent “issue price”. As a rule, long-term loan is different and less favorable conditions of high rate. And it turns out that the faster you repay the debt – the less you pay for.

But here it is necessary to pay attention to two points. First, sometimes the early repayment is not possible under the terms of the contract, respectively, fixed deadlines. Second, stay tuned for the special shares of the bank in which you want to get a loan. Sometimes, under certain conditions, the rate is reduced (for example, up to six months she was alone, and when you take a loan for a period of 6 to 12 months, offers the conditions, the rate is lower).

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She has increased her wallet after got a loan.

Loan Repayment

In no case do not break the repayment schedule. This rule can be extended by the fact that it is desirable to pay in advance, that is to make money for 2-3 days before the scheduled date. Sometimes system crashes occur, which would entail delay and impose penalties.

Pay attention to the holidays and the days on which payment can not be counted and move to Monday or the first working day. So try to repay the loan in the weekdays (banking) days.

Be sure to save receipts, which will serve as proof of your payment.

Complaints from bank

Try to conduct negotiations with the bank in writing that, in which case you can provide proof of all agreements. In this case, if there was force majeure (for example, you cut on the job), do not disappear anywhere, and vice versa – ask your bank to quickly solve the problem and not “to acquire” has large debts (perhaps offers vacation credit or restructuring debt).

Closing credits

Last payment in the bank cash desk and ask you to issue a certificate of full loan closing. There were cases when people do not pay extra few rubles (for example, for a transfer fee “ate” part of the funds), and a couple of years were debtors of the bank again.


United Credit Bureau RossiiObedinennoe credit bureaus in Russia carried out a study on “Credit Card Russia”. Recently, the results were posted in open access on the Internet. All calculations are made based on credit analysis of the market in 2014-2015.

LMC has analyzed data from 500 banks in Russia.

Common indicators of credit market as follows:

in the first quarter of 2014, banks issued 52% more loans to households than for the same reporting period of 2015;
credit cards issued to 75% less than in 2015;
auto loan formalized on 76% fewer clients than last year;
It formalized a mortgage on 33% of borrowers;
issuing consumer loans decreased by 39%.
Significantly increased the debt burden ratio of borrowers, now it is above the permissible level – 41% (average figure) instead of the maximum 35 percent. In some regions it reaches a critical level of 60%. And only in seven regions of the debt load is within the normal range.

According to D. Zelensky, this figure is very risky, as it significantly reduces the level of payment discipline, and banks have a growing number of bad loans.

The results of statistical studies of the OKB allow banks to identify problem areas, to form a correct policy proposals for each specific area, to the final stage to reduce the risks of being left with nothing. Thus, it is possible at an early stage to identify the problem in the credit sector, a particular region, and to protect themselves from it.

The biggest problem now, according to experts, is that in recent years people have taken several loans and totally did not expect that soon there will be any changes in the economy, which will affect the ability to pay. The seemingly well-being gave way to a period of crisis, and now the people have nothing to repay their loans (as demonstrated on the debt load data).

Most customers are now owes only to one bank (63% of all borrowers). But there are also those who scored at the time the two loans (25%), three (8%) or even four (3%), Russian banks.