Reduced rates on a loan or deposit?

The situation on the Russian financial market is very unstable: every now and then one of the leading banks on the rate of reduction of interest rates. However, some lower rates on loans, others – on deposits … What changes have occurred in the beginning of June 2015? Let us consider in more detail.

So, what are the banks in the first half of June, announced the new terms of cooperation with the customers? Let’s start with the less good news …

Reduced rates on ruble deposits

Perhaps this is not very good news for potential investors, but the fact remains.

“Russian mortgage bank” reduced interest rates for the two deposits:

1. “Profitable Online”:.. A slight change in the maximum percent – by 0.1 pp (it was 14.5, was 14.4%).
2. “Maximum line”: now the contribution can be made by 14,2-14,8%, and was once 14,5-15,15%

“Fast Bank” did not spare several deposit programs and cut rates as follows:

1. “Profitable”: previously it was possible to invest the sum of ten thousand rubles under 12-13,5%, now – at 11.5-13%.
2. “Refillable”: rate dropped just 1.8% to 11%.
3. “Refillable – retirement”: before the bank took a 12.8%, and now – 1.5% lower (11.3%).

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They are planning to get a benefit payday loan.

“Rosinterbank ‘also announced a decrease in interest rates on a range of deposit:.” Pension “,” Champion “,” wallet “,” Profitable + ” The average reduction in the rate – around 1-1.5 pp..

“Nefteprombank” changed the rates on such deposits:

“Premium”: the maximum rate fell by 0.2% – to 14.8%.
“A safe choice”: the same.
Reduced rates on loans and other credit sphere good news

Good news for those who want to get a mortgage, “Kuban Credit” Bank reduces rates on certain mortgage programs, approximately 2-5%. Terms and conditions to be specified in the bank.

Bank “Orange” has lowered the rate on the loan for cars – by 1.5%. Customers can now take a loan to buy the “iron horse” under 22-25,5% per annum.

At the same time, GBS Bank began issuing credit again in the car with the state subsidy rates. State support applies to machines that were released this year, worth up to 1 million rubles. The maximum rate on such loans – 13.17%.


INSURANCE Loan formalization: wasting or necessity?

Making out a loan, the Russians in recent years, faced with one caveat: in a bank or credit institution to issue them to offer an additional package of services – insurance of various kinds. Is it advisable to use this kind of service?

There is a mandatory insurance. For example, when a person makes out a mortgage, housing novokuplennoe legally insured, as it is the key to it later. As a rule, a person pays 0.4% of the outstanding amount of the loan.

The rest of the types of insurance are made only at the request of the borrower, and no one has the right to solicit a person to sign a contract of insurance.

Sometimes the presence of insurance affects the size of the bet. This is especially observed in the design of the mortgage, if the person will issue life insurance, the bank is ready to provide him with a more loyal to credit conditions. Experts believe that such a proposal is not necessary to give up, because in the future it can greatly help with the payment of the loan in an emergency.

When mortgages are also offered to insure the title – their ownership of the purchased property. Basically, if you buy an apartment in the secondary market, as appropriate. But only for a period of up to three years after the purchase of housing.

Voluntary insurance is available and the design of other types of credit – consumer, a car, etc. But, for example, buying a car on credit without a helmet, you can count on the rate of 1-3% higher than in the bank than other borrowers…

The main thing in this case – do not overpay. Be sure to learn the conditions of the contract, it has not turned so that they are much worse than you would treat directly to the insurance agency.

If after you take out the insurance, you realize that it is you do not need, you have the right to terminate the contract. Previously you need to know, do not change whether in this case credit conditions.

The opinions of experts agree that the long-term loan registration of a person, it is desirable to make out insurance. If an insured event occurs, the money the bank will be paid in full, and the borrower and his family will be able to avoid additional troubles.