Now microfinance institutions in the Russian Federation have the right to grant loans to individuals in the amount of up to 1 million rubles. Russia’s central bank earlier this month introduced a proposal to reduce the maximum threshold doubled – up to 500 000 rubles.
According to the Central Bank of Russia, such a restriction would affect not all MFIs, but only some of them. It is planned that the existing market of microcredit financial companies will be divided as follows: those who have little capital, will bear the name of microcredit organization, and who is close – that would be called a microfinance organization. The first time will have a limit on the issuance, the second – no.

According to the MFIs themselves, for most of them this is not a problem, as people usually take an average loan amount is much less than half a million. Experts also believe that if desired, you can work around these limitations, and without breaking the law.

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Experts predict that microfinance institutions will be a very limited number of companies. This is assuming that they would be considered large those with a capital of 100 million rubles and more. But in the Russian market of microcredit in a total of about 4,500 companies, and among them only 10 have such capital.

Some experts do not understand why introduce any restrictions, as most MFI regular fit into half a million mark, and customers are rarely willing to take more. Many who take only “to pay” – and this paltry sum, about 5-7-10 thousand. If people want to buy something worthwhile, then, on average, he asks MFIs in debt up to 20-40 thousand. But obviously not a million, or even half of it.

At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Finance put forward a proposal to increase the amount of microcredit for entrepreneurs from 1 million to 3 According to experts, this amount is not enough sometimes for businessmen who have to simultaneously access to multiple MFIs. Increasing the maximum would effectively solve the problem.

How to take credit for mortgages and not to run into trouble?

Now many Russian banks have tightened lending conditions and prefer to take property as collateral. Especially popular in the property as collateral. Moreover, a loan against issue not only banks, but also MFI – selection conditions for the consumer in this case is really wide. But how not to run into trouble?

First, in a crisis, try to get round currency loans.

Why? Think about it: the dollar rose to 50% for the year, so it can be safely called unstable. Is it advantageous to take out a georgia payday loans in foreign currency, which is not known how much it will cost you tomorrow? The answer is obvious: no. And the banks are not willing to issue such loans, as there is a risk that the exchange rate will fall, which means that the benefits will be on the client side, not the bank.

It happens that the company provides loans only in foreign currency, and until the last customer says that he will get on your hands is not rubles and dollars. Be sure to initially specify the currency in which you will be given the money, so you do not have a problem with it.

Secondly, try to the maximum to explore the loan market and choose the average market conditions.

Why? Because, as a rule, the most attractive conditions hide in additional problems. For example, the fee assessment of property, hidden fees, inconvenient schedule of repayment and so on. N. It is desirable to monitor the market in your area and do not rush to the first liked the ad.

It is also important to assess the risks and draw attention to the more or less familiar to the banks or MFIs. Companies that do not have websites, positive feedback, and only dubious ads on the nearest pillar – this option immediately cast aside.

Third, read the contract from A to Z … and once again read!
Why? The signing of the contract does not tolerate haste. Especially proofread everything that is written in small print and pale color. That there may lie a disadvantage for you.

Notice how accurately formulated conditions for the sale of property in case of delay. The main thing is that the conditions did not seem to you, “slippery” and did not have a double interpretation.

Be very careful and think a hundred times before you arrange the loan secured by real estate!