The company “Lime-loan” offers its clients loans with an interest rate of 0.8% per day. The maximum loan amount is 20 400 rubles. Maximum term – 90 days.

The advantages of this service:

  • simplicity and speed of use – you can get a loan in just 5 minutes, the process takes place online, there is no need to visit the office of the
  • company in addition;
  • no commission;
  • It is not required to provide proof of income and;
    a loan of up to 5 days at a rate of 0%.

In addition, the service allows you to prepay debt with recalculation of interest, offers the possibility of a partial repayment and extension of free credit for a period of three days. Repeated loans online are automatically approved.

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Don’t worry about money after obtained a loan.

Decision on the online application form and money transfer does not take more than a minute to get needed only Russian national passport. To extend the loan of LIME for up to three days, it is necessary only to press the corresponding button located in a private office. To extend the loan for long periods will have to apply to the operators.
The downside of getting a loan on this service can be called that cash withdrawal is solely to registered bank card payment systems MasterCard and Visa, to get money, for example, in the WebMoney system is not possible. Use LIME services are citizens of the Russian Federation over 22 years.

How to get the money in “Lime loan”?

New users must go through a simple registration process, during which it is necessary to provide data of the passport and mobile phone number, which is required for the authorization and receive further SMS messages with the code for the signing of the contract.

After finishing the registration, the user must provide a bank card, which will be listed and money is also recommended to provide some additional information about yourself. After processing this information, the system makes a decision on granting a loan in the automatic mode.
If a positive decision, the user can get the loan on the card and remove the necessary amount.
As you can see, the process of obtaining funds in the “Lime Loan” does not take long. The company ensures that the user data are not shared with third parties, so that if you decide to get a loan online, you can take advantage of this service.


What are the advantages of a credit card

Becoming the owner of the credit card before the man opened great opportunities – he can buy goods and enjoy a variety of services at a time when he wants to, not only during the preparation of the regular salary.

Once the credit card of the selected program, he would be free to use the bank’s money, paying them at the checkout store or removing them at an ATM. However, access to the account he will have unlimited, so you can take the necessary amount even at night (this is especially important when unforeseen situations, when to borrow from someone money is very problematic).

Even substantial sums available for loan without issuing collateral and guarantors. This is the main difference between credit cards from other types of credit. Also, the bank customer is not obliged to report on what needs he needs money.

If you have made a purchase on credit, you need not necessarily every month to repay the large sums – everything you need is to pay the minimum payment each month, which is prescribed in the contract in the process of registration of a credit card.

Another advantage: as a rule, many banks offer cardholders a grace period during which no interest is accrued (eg, 50 days). If at this point you have time to fully return the money, then consider that made a purchase in the loan interest free and very profitable.

Often, cardholders have the opportunity to enjoy the discount programs, discounts in different networks of the bank partner stores, paying by credit card.
The amount that can be used, is limited, but that does not mean that you can not increase it – it is worth re-apply to the bank, which will consider the application to increase the credit limit.