How to take microloans

With the development of information technologies to borrow a relatively small amount of money for unforeseen expenses it has become much easier. Now to get a mini-credit does not necessarily go to the bank branch and take the time to collect the documents, “to borrow to pay” online help. This financial service is online micro loan to a bank card, it is becoming increasingly popular among Russians, and there are several reasons.
Micro-credit in the Internet takes a minimum of time – most of these financial services pozvolyaetvzyat microloan at stake in just 15-20 minutes (in cases where the application approval system is made in the automatic mode).

Companies specializing in the online loans are very democratic look at the state of the credit history of its customers. At the same time it approved the order of 95% of all applications.
As already mentioned, a virtual credit does not require references and guarantees. All you have to potential borrowers – register on the site and fill out the online application form, specifying passport details, contact and personal information.
For the money not require registration in a particular region, as Internet lending services online give out micro-loans to all regions of Russia.

Suffice flexible interest rates allow to take advantage of micro-credit to almost every instant. Besides, making out a loan, the customer service immediately gets a clear idea of how much money will have to return at the end of loan period. The scheme of work here will be the most fair and transparent.

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She doesn’t carry about money after got a loan.

Pay off credit debt extraordinarily simple. Also today, the online lenders offer a fairly wide variety of ways to pay off debt.

The question of where to take the micro loan to a bank card is no longer a problem. On the Internet, dozens of companies are working successfully specializing in similar financial services and enjoying excellent reputation in the online borrowers At the same time, considering the offer microcredit services, a potential customer always has the opportunity to choose for themselves the most favorable conditions – interest rates, loan terms, a way to pay off debt.



Most microfinance institutions in Russia, in general, work on the classical principle – the money in the debt issued small loans and for short periods. And yet, in different services require money to pay is not always the same methods for their preparation and return. For comparative analysis, consider the popular microfinance services,, and, where you can take a micro loan through the internet. By and large, it combines all of the services that they really help to solve urgent financial problems, providing online loan for 5-10 minutes. To get the loan online and requires an active account on Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte or Facebook, and and need registration on the main site.

All services must first fill out a form and submit your application. At this stage, it becomes apparent differences in the timing and amount of the minimum, which is certainly very important for those who borrow money is needed urgently, and for a few days. In particular, service will issue a microloan from 2000 rubles for a period of 3 days, and give the same money for at least 7 days and 14 days respectively. Service offers online loan of 1,500 rubles for a period of 5 days. In this regard, you have to be very attentive to borrowers who need money borrowed to pay for a couple of days and are not tempted to pay interest for the “extra” days.

As regards the conditions of issue and return of money, for example, gives them only in salons “Euroset” to “Corn” card. Return the loan online can be both in the salons “Euroset” or via QIWI terminals. In quite a wide range of ways to get micro-loans – the card to the account, cash on Yandex, and return methods no less – through a bank card and, via CONTACT system, JCB, and of course, QIWI. About the same list of ways to provide mutual and All services have a customer loyalty program, for example, offers a minimum percentage for the first online loan and holds shares, provides the first online loan of 10 000 free for all, etc.